Friday, August 25, 2017

Review: The Dragon's Valentine by C. D. Gorri

“She's given up on love, but he’s just begun…” After five hundred years of servitude, Dragon shifter Callius Falk and his three brothers are finally freed from their bonds. Callius has one mission, to find his true mate.

Winifred Castillo spends her days working as an assistant realtor for Maccon City Estates and her nights tending bar at The Thirsty Dog. She’s completely sworn off men. For good!

But what’s a Werewolf to do when a dark-haired stranger with golden eyes and rippling muscles tells her she is his mate?
5-Stars Review
It is simply too good, I read the whole thing in one sitting, just couldn't put it down. And it is a quick read. I loved the story, and characters are, as usual, pretty amazing. C. D. Gorri just knows how to pull readers in, her books are always so good. This is story of a Dragon shifter who is looking for his 'mate' and a 'Castle' and then he finds them both. It's time that he starts his new, free life, but first he needs someone he can share it with. Dragons are not meant to live alone for long, he has already waited for too long because of his circumstances. Now he has his freedom and soon he will have his mate and a home, where they will start their own clan.

Winifred has moved to Maccon city six years ago. She loves it and wants to stay here for good. Although, because of her ex-boyfriend, it now seems a little difficult. It's Valentine's Day and she is still pissed off at her liar of an ex, plus she is not having really a good night. There is too much noise at the bar where she works, she just wants her shift to end so she can go home and relax. Then she meets someone who literally takes her breath away. But who is he? Or more appropriately, what is he? And why is she attracted to her in a way she has never been attracted to anyone else?

It's fantastic; a fun and interesting read. Story is lighthearted and flows smoothly right from the start until the very end. I think it's a must read for all readers. I'd definitely recommend it to all my friends.
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book.