Friday, August 18, 2017

Review: Devotion (A Continuation of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen #2) by Meg Kerr


Georgiana Darcy at the age of fifteen had no equal for beauty, elegance and accomplishments, practised her music very constantly, and created beautiful little designs for tables. She also made secret plans to elope with the handsome, charming and immoral George Wickham. Will the real Georgiana Darcy please stand up? In Devotion, Georgiana, now twenty years of age and completely lovely, does just that. Taking centre stage in this sequel to Experience that sweeps the reader back into the world of Pride and Prejudice, she is prepared to shape her own destiny in a manner that perplexes and horrifies not only the Darcy-de Bourgh connexion but the whole of fashionable London. The arrival of a long-delayed letter, and a clandestine journey, bring Georgiana and her fortune into the arms of an utterly wicked young man whose attentions promise her ruin. At the same time, events in Meryton are creating much-needed occupation for Mrs. Bennet and an amorous quandary for Lydia Bennet’s girlhood companion Pen Harrington; and the former Caroline Bingley is given—perhaps—an opportunity to re-make some of her disastrous romantic choices. Meg Kerr writing effortlessly and wittily in the style of Jane Austen gives Pride and Prejudice fans the opportunity to visit the year 1816 to re-unite with favourite characters, and meet some intriguing new ones.
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I've always wondered what happened to all of my favorite characters from 'Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen' and this book provides me with an answer. It is written as a continuation of Pride and Prejudice, and truly feels like it. It's story of Georgiana Darcy. The young girl is now a grown up and has her own love story to tell. Although, in my opinion, no one's story can compete with that of Darcy and Elizabeth but this one comes close.
This book retains attributes of Austen's characters. Lady Catherine De Bourgh is just as annoyingly superior as ever, Mrs. Bennet is still match making even though all her daughters are now married, but well, there are other girls who can benefit from her experience. And most importantly Georgiana is just as easily influenced by others as ever... but in this case it might be for the better.
I quite enjoyed reading it and would definitely recommend it to my friends.