Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Wolf Bride: The Tale of Ailis and Eoghan (A Macconwood Pack Prequel) by C.D. Gorr


The path to true love is often rocky, especially for Werewolves Eoghan MacContire and Ailis Dungannon in 16th Century Ireland.

Find out how it all began in this prequel to the Macconwood Pack Series.

4.5 Stars Review

This is prequel to one of my most favorite paranormal series. I loved it just as much as I've loved other books in this series. It's set in historic Ireland. It's the tale of how Macconwood Pack started, and where it's first alpha and his mate come from. It's well-written, interesting, and has amazing characters. I loved both Ailis and Eoghan.

Eoghan is a werewolf, and a warrior. He fights for his clan, for money, and for justice. Things are not good in Ireland, witches are trying to destroy villages and it's his job to protect his clan and people who are not able to protect themselves. His father has arranged his marriage but he fell in love with someone else. The only problem is that he can't even find the woman he fell in love with so there is no way he will be able to convince his father to stop this wedding....

Ailis is to be married to someone she has never met, doesn't know what kind of a man he is or how well he will treat her. But his father is not a man she can disobey hence she agrees to marry a total stranger...

Will the two of them ever find love or is there marriage doomed from the start? There is evil in the world, some they can see but mostly it is hidden from them, danger is every where and a lot will depend on how well they can protect each other....

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I think it's worth the read and would recommend this book to all readers who enjoy paranormal romance, and if you love historical too then it's just perfect for you. :)