Monday, July 10, 2017

Review: Denying the Duke (Lords and Ladies in Love #3) by Callie Hutton


Four years ago, Alex, a second son, had planned a life together with Lady Patience. However, when Patience was betrothed to his brother, the heir, Alex left his family’s estate and joined the military.

Alex returns to assume the title Duke of Bedford when his brother unexpectedly dies. He is unprepared for both his new responsibilities and the reunion with Patience. The horrors of war are a heavy burden, and when he learns that Patience never married his brother, he is stunned.

Patience withstood the bullying of her fiance and her father for four long years. She refuses to marry Alex just because he’s the duke, especially if he no longer loves her. How would that be better than what she has already endured? Promises made in their youth are not enough to overcome the changes life has wrought for them but love can grow and transform, if only Patience could believe that.


It's an interesting story. I liked it. Patience and Alex fell in love when they were quite young but as soon as their love story started it ended too. Now after four years they're seeing each other again. Both have changed, life hasn't been good to either of them. One thing still remains though i.e. their mutual attraction. They can't seem to stop wanting each other. Although, physical attraction might not be enough for a happy marriage.

Patience has had it enough with over bearing men. Her father is the worst but Alex is no better. So she decides that she going to make sure that she doesn't become a doormat for him. Circumstances made it so that they have to get married. Alex needs a wife and wants to protect Patience from her father's abuse. And patience has no choice whatsoever. But she will make sure that her marriage is not like her parents'. She doesn't want to be a helpless woman anymore.

Alex doesn't know how to convince Patience that he will never hurt her. He tries but she seem to think the worst of him. So he will have to show her that he cares for her. Their marriage may not be a love marriage but it will also not be a marriage of convenience. Unfortunately danger lurks in the corners and Alex doesn't have time to make sure that Patience is on the same page as him. For now he must focus on protecting her from getting hurt. His past is still following him. Until the traitor, who threatens is wife, is brought to justice there isn't going to be any peace for him.

It's a cute story with a dash of realism. life isn't always easy, most times it turns out to be quite painful and not at all what we expect. Patience and Alex might get lucky and find their happiness in the end. Or may be their marriage is doomed from the start.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book. I quite enjoyed reading it and would recommend to historical fiction fans. It's a well-written story with well-developed characters.