Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Review: Scandal of the Season by Liana LeFey


Five years ago, Lord Sorin Latham fled England’s shores to avoid heartbreak and scandal in the form of one Lady Eleanor Cramley. On returning home, he finds the young miss he used to scold for lack of decorum is now a stunning woman who fires his blood. But he must resist temptation or risk losing his honor as a gentleman and the friendship of those he holds dear, including Eleanor.

Lady Eleanor is determined to be the paragon of propriety Sorin urged her to become. But now that he’s back, the man she once thought of as an older brother makes her long to be anything but proper. She must make Sorin see her as worthy of his heart and his desire without losing his good opinion, or her Season will end in disgrace.

5-Stars Review

I loved it! It reminded me of Jane Austen's Emma. Friendship between Lady Eleanor and Lord Sorin is very strong. They've known each other since Ellie was quite young, she practically grew up with him and he has been her role model for sometime now. But she has always considered him like her cousin Charles, she never thought of him as a man. She is sure that Sorin things of her like a little sister as well. So when she starts thinking of him as more than a friend she has no idea how to act, or what to do. Surely he will never think of her as wife material. Besides she isn't anything like a woman Sorin will love. She is too strong minded, and stubborn. It's better if she never marries and live an independent life. That's the only way to ensure her happiness.

Sorin knows exactly when he stopped thinking of Ellie as a sister, she has grown into a beautiful woman and despite their age difference and his friendship with the family he finds himself thinking of her in a way he shouldn't. He has to find out how she feels about him because he certainly wants to marry her, may be over the years her feelings for him has changed as well...

So they both have their misgivings, and secretly love each other. But that's not all there is a lot more drama in this book. It's quite entertaining. I enjoyed reading it and will have no problem recommending it to all my reader friends.