Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Review: Path to Old Talbot by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Path to Old Talbot


Thirteen-year-old Charity can escape her unpleasant reality by stepping through the parlor closet of her mother’s new home, a mansion built in the 1800’s.

In her hometown of Talbot, New York, in the year 1880, she doesn’t have to worry about her depressed father skipping his medications or her mother flirting with her coworker. Instead, she gets to know the hatter’s son, who shows her a lifestyle of manners and pride. Few have ever accepted Charity’s old-fashioned ways…until now.

However, old Talbot can’t banish the present. Charity can stay in the mansion, with access to the hatter’s son in the past, and the prospect of a steady family unit with her mother and the new man in her mother’s life, or she can go back to her father, who has been given the option to straighten out his life and join them in their new home. Instead, his world unravels, and he spirals into violence and self-harm.

Torn between two worlds, Charity knows that if she doesn’t help him, she may lose him forever if he follows through on his threats of self-destruction.

4.5 Stars Review

It's a fascinating story about the past and the present crossing paths. Charity's life is not easy and when she moves to a mansion with her mother the only thing that keeps her going is to know that there is an escape.... escape from the present, from her reality. Whenever she wants she can go to the old Talbot. Unfortunately she can't stay there forever. Every time she must return to her home. At least she had something to look forward to.

Soon she has friends in the old Talbot. People she comes to cherish. Sometimes she wants to help them, they like her. Now she wants to know more about them. She starts asking questions... but will she be able to change the past or will things happen as they're supposed to happen?

I thing that it was also a sad story. Charity's father is fighting depression. Her mother has tried as hard as possible to help him but she can't do anything unless he is willing to help himself. They're not really happy living apart but that's the only solution... or so they thought...

It's an interesting read. I especially loved how reality and fantasy are merged in this YA novel. I enjoyed reading it and would recommend to anyone who likes YA fantasy. But be prepared it's not all fun and games. ;)