Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Review: NemeSIS by Susan Marshall



Dad has moved out and Mom has checked out, leaving the door wide open for the beautiful, erratic Rachel to torment her "loser, loner" younger sister, Nadine. With her family in full meltdown mode, Nadine is alone, trying to cope with Rachel’s increasingly unpredictable moods. Friendless, but determined to turn her life around, Nadine meets Anne, who introduces her to field hockey and to her hot twin brothers, Matt and Cameron. 

As Nadine’s star begins to rise, however, Rachel plots to bring her back down, and the tension ratchets up when Rachel starts dating Matt just as Nadine is getting to know Cameron better. When Matt’s interest starts to fade, Rachel goes into overdrive. Is Nadine ready to risk it all in a final showdown with her sister?


It's an average read. I liked the story, it has a good beginning and the middle but I felt that ending was anticlimactic. I think that's because of Rachel's character. I didn't understand her at all. Author handled it vaguely. There are only hints but it's hard to comprehend her behavior towards her younger sister. Especially because it is mentioned that they were friends once and then Rachel changed but when or why are not explained at all. I think that wasn't well-handled. There should be more explanation as to why she is bullying her sister in such a mean way. I might be wrong, of course, but I feel that's why ending didn't satisfy me.

Nadine is a teenager who is dealing with being invisible at school. She wants to have friends but she is too shy. Then she finds a friend in a new girl, Anne, who is facing the same problem as her. She has just started this school, thus, two become fast friends. Soon they're sharing lunch, join same sports team and having a good time together. Nadine's home life remains the same. Some days her sister is good to her at other she is mean. Her mother notices this but chalk it up to her divorce and girls' father moving away. Nadine also tries to overlook her sister's behavior and tries to be as invisible at home as possible.

All in all it was an ok book. There are many good parts which I enjoyed reading. Story also touches the sensitive issue of teen bullying and how it can be handled. I regret that I didn't enjoyed it as much as I could've if Rachel hadn't bothered me. ;)