Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Review: Enchanting the Earl (The Townsends #1) by Lily Maxton


Llynmore Castle is the only place Annabel Lockhart has ever considered home. For years, she’s been able to live as she wished, freely roaming the wild moors. Now there’s a new earl, as arrogant as he is handsome, and he wants her out. But if he thinks she’ll go quietly, he’s in for a surprise.

Theo Townsend returned from war a changed man. After unexpectedly inheriting an earldom and a secluded castle in the Scottish Highlands to go with it, he thinks he’s found the perfect place to hide from the world—until he arrives to find a spirited, beautiful woman already in residence. He can’t just throw her out, but surely there's a way to get her to leave on her own. The sooner she's gone, the better, especially when he realizes there’s more than just mutual dislike between them.


It's a wonderful story with great characters. I loved bot Annabelle Lockhart and Theo Townsend. Anabelle is a free spirited woman, she can't adhere to the rules of polite society so when she got a chance to live with her Aunt at Llynmore Castle, it felt perfect. This old and dark castle is now her home. Away from people, she can finally be free and live a life she has always wanted. She can ride as much as she likes, come and go as she pleases. There is no one to observe and criticise her behaviour.

When Lord of Llynmore Castle arrives to take residence, she is less than happy. Clearly new lord will send her aunt and her away, not only that now she also has to protect her sister. So simple solution is to "enchant" Theo Townsend. Then he might let them live there.

Theo finds Anabelle quite irritating. He can see that she will be a bad influence for his sisters. Besides he wants to live with quite and peace. Clearly, as long as Anabelle is around that's not going to happen. But should he send an old, sick aunt and her niece away? As he gets to know Anabelle her personality starts to grow on him. She is wild, and just perfect for him.

I loved this book. Story is amazing and there are enough surprises that it won't bore readers at all. Ending is perfect. I'm glad I got the chance to read this book. It was most definitely a delicious treat.