Saturday, April 29, 2017

Review: Cross My Heart by Grace M. DeLeesie


Three years ago, after Grave lost his mate Amnilia to a human poacher, he tried to denounce his title as Prince of the Bloodclaw Clan, the largest pack of werewolves in Arkansas. Determined to never become involved in pack business again, Grave left to join the human world with his bodyguard and best friend. On a nightly jog, Grave meets a tough and sassy huntress with a vengeance against werewolves like nothing the prince has ever seen before. He finds her most intriguing and, though he was warned to stay away from her, Grave finds himself drawn to her. Knowing he needs to be around her, Grave convinces the huntress he's human. When an old enemy comes to town and sees Grave and Sam together, he marks Sam as his next target. To protect her, Grave has to tell her the truth about himself. In doing so Grave will be risking turning her wrath against werewolves on him and ruin any chance Grave has at finding happiness after Amnilia's death-but it also might just save her life.


This is a paranormal romance novel. I love the characters and story is good too but there are few parts which seem dragged out. So my overall reading experience wasn't as good as I was hoping for. Still it's a good read and I think paranormal readers will enjoy this story.

It is about a werewolf prince who left his pack after tragedy strikes him. As unusual as it is for a werewolf to live alone he simply cannot face his pack members just yet. At least he has his guard with him. The two of them are as close as two people can be without being lovers. Grave and Phax have been living like this for a while now, and they have been taking care of outside threats to their pack.

Sam is a huntress who hunts werewolves. Because they're monsters who need to be killed. She believes that it's her job to keep unsuspecting human population safe. She gathers information, make plans, and kill any werewolf that crosses her path. That's how she met Grave. She thought she was saving his life and has no idea that he was a werewolf himself. But now that Grave knows of her existence he needs to deal with her. After all she kills his kind. Although for some reason he feels every protective of this human huntress.

Soon they're dealing with a common enemy and getting along pretty well. However will they still be able to stay together when Sam finds out who he really is? Will she ever love a werewolf?

This book is part one in a series. Although it didn't end in a cliffhanger but many questions still remain unanswered. So I don't think it can be read as stand alone novel.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book.