Friday, March 17, 2017

Review: Chasing The Moon: A Grazi Kelly Short (Book 4.5) by C.D. Gorri

Chasing The Moon: A Grazi Kelly Short (Book 4.5)


On the mend after the battle of St. Lucy’s Day, teen Werewolf Grazi Kelly is on the run. The Hounds of God have been disbanded, the High Council wants her captured, and what's left of the Scarred Sisters Coven want her dead.

Grazi finds herself far away from her family and everything she has ever known. What will she do when a group of Werewolves in Northern Florida need her help? Find out in this Grazi Kelly Short!


As expected I loved it, Grazi Kelly books are all amazing. The story is getting more and more interesting with each book. I also love how Grazi's character is evolving. Young werewolf has come a long way. In this short story Grazi is on the run. after everything that happened, council is hunting her. She doesn't know what future holds for her but for now all she needs to worry about is going as far away as possible. The ride is not without surprises, but she can face her fate head on. Besides Ronan is with her, her protector, he will do anything for her. So even though things are messy, future might not be as bleak as it seems.