Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Review: ASP of Ascension (Nefertari Hughes Mystery, #1) by B.R. Myers

ASP of Ascension (Nefertari Hughes Mystery, #1)


Nefertari “Terry” Hughes has three rules for surviving high school:
#1 Don’t attract attention.
#2 Don’t get involved.
#3 Don’t make trouble.  

A year after the accident that left her crippled and took her mother’s life, sixteen-year-old Terry just wants to keep her head down and survive her new high school. When she catches the eye of cute basketball star Zach—who happens to be the boyfriend of mean girl Allison—all hopes of flying under the radar are gone. 

She is thrust even further in the spotlight when Fraser, the editor of the school newspaper, learns Mr. Hughes is the renowned archaeologist overseeing the new Egyptian display at the museum, which is rumoured to include Cleopatra’s sarcophagus. Fraser’s research leads to the fifty-year-old mystery of a girl who vanished while on a school trip to to the museum along with an artefact that may be Cleopatra’s asp.

When Mr. Hughes falls into a coma and his co-worker claims it’s the curse of Cleopatra, the stakes become too high for Terry to ignore. Terry must work with Fraser and her new candy loving friend Maude to find out what happened fifty years ago in hopes of saving her father before time runs out.

Rated T - Teen 13 and up: May contain violence, crude humour, suggestive themes and/or strong language.

5-Thrilling-Stars Review

It's a very interesting story about ancient curses and modern teenagers. It's well-written and all the characters are well-developed. I loved both Terry and Maude, they're two unlikeliest of friends but willing to do anything for each other. Story is full of intrigue, mystery, teenage drama, and some action. It's a thrilling adventurous books which all YA readers will enjoy.

Terry is going to school for the first time. After being with her parents and every dig site, it seem strange to b back in America and attending school as if everything is normal in her life. But she is willing to make the best of it. Now all she needs is to stay invisible. Unfortunately for her, she stands out. Soon school's mean girl is after her blood, her father is in the hospital and Prince of Egypt wants to go out with her. In short her life is quite interesting. In all this mess she has Maude on her side. A friend who will stick with her no matter what. It's not all bad, she just needs to find the asp of Cleopatra and everything will go back to normal..... or so she thought....

I loved reading it, It was very balanced book which will keep readers engrossed from very beginning until the end.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.