Friday, March 03, 2017

Promo: A Drop of Sunlight by Petra March

This small collection includes the multi-award winning story, All the Skies I will not See, and the novella, A Dream of Lilies.

All the Skies I will not See:

It takes 7 seconds to crash.
It takes 3 seconds to fall in love.
It takes an infinite moment to let go.

David Medwin's life is fading away, and all he can think about is what it means to be alive.

An intense story about life, death and, most of all, love.

A Dream of Lilies:

Nicholas Baudin lives in Toulouse, France, where he owns a small coffee place, Le Petit Café. His life is apparently tranquil, and made of small joys and simple habits. In truth, though, this young man's soul is troubled with memories of a painful event.

Then, on a bright spring day, Nicholas meets a strange, enchanting young woman with white hair, and pale blue eyes. Her name is Lily Brightwell. She is an actress who captivates crowds with her talent and her stories.

As Nicholas begins to fall for the young artist, his life turns into something unexpected and lovely.

(Ages 17+)

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