Friday, February 03, 2017

Review: Yours to Love by Cathy Jackson

Yours to Love


Recovering from a heartbreaking divorce, prominent YouTuber Maximillian Roselle finds himself a single father of two young children. Lonely and in pain, they cling to each other on the island of happiness he has created for them, longing for a wholeness they cannot voice. 

When strong-willed, compassionate, and empathetic Ruthie Eden enters their world, hope for that wholeness is born. Her heart bleeds for Max's children and she is compelled to heal three broken hearts. 

Slowly and cautiously Max weaves her into the fabric of their lives fearing she will compromise his trust, yet hoping she may be the healing balm his family needs.

4-Stars Review

I loved it. It's an amazing story about faith and love. It was a slow read for me. It's the kind of book you take your time reading. I loved both Maximillain and Ruthie. Both are prefect for each other, they know it but still too afraid to make the leap.

Maximillian learned the hard way not to trust anyone. For him his children are everything. Their happiness is his first priority. Ruthie is someone he meets by chance. But it seems as if they are meant to be together. Ruthie is good with his kids. The more he gets to know her, the more he realizes that she is definitely someone he can trust, not only with his own happiness but also his kids'. Both children love Ruthie and she loves them.

When Maximillian asks her to be a nanny for his children she is double minded. Then she leaves her decision to God. If this is what God has in mind for her then this is what she will do. She has spent her entire life this way. She believes that God has a plan for her and she trusts His plan.

It's a beautifully written novel. Faith plays an important part in the story. I'm reading Cathy's work for the first time and I must say that it is quite unique. I enjoyed reading Max and Ruthie's story. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys sweet, lighthearted romantic story.