Saturday, November 19, 2016

Review: My Trip to Adele by R.I. Alyaseer, A.I. Alyaseer

My Trip to Adele


An Adele concert held in Verona becomes the focus for an unhappy married couple, a divorced mother and a devoted lover from three different countries and cultures.
This is the story of three flawed but likeable people. First up is Elias, a Moroccan man living in Rome. He discovers that a black magic spell was cast upon him but starts to doubt whether it was the real cause of the break-up between him and his long-lost love Malika. He decides to search for her in the shadows of Marrakesh after eight years of separation. 
Nadia, a single mother from Jordan, is battling her ex-husband in the courts and doing all she can to secure freedom for herself and her only son. Her dream is to take her son to see his idol, Adele, live.
Finally, Yaser, a married man living in Las Vegas, realizes that his marriage is crawling all over him like a slow, painful death, so he starts to rebel against his wife. While faith initially brought them together, it is now causing them to drift apart. 
These three characters are on a journey to break free of everything that has haunted them, learning harsh truths about fate, religion, courage, desire and guilt along the way.


This is a story of three different culture, three different couples, with three endings. They all are connected through their love of Adele and their desire to attend her concert in Vernon. But will they all make it to Vernon or not? That's an interesting question only the answer is not quite so simple.
Although all three set of people are different from each other but one thing is common, they are all unsatisfied with life, searching fro answers, and trying to make the best of what they are given. It's not quite a happily-ever-after kind of story but it does provide a sense of an end to their journey. And also a beginning, both at the same time.
I liked all three stories, which are written side by side. Elias' is a story of lost love, he is looking for someone he is unable to forget even after years have passed. His search will take him to Marrakesh and then back to Rome. He might never find Malika but he will definitely find some answers to many questions that have been nagging him.
Nadia is a single mother whose ex-husband can't seem to understand what's important for their son. Her struggle is portrayed in a very emotional way which will keep readers on the edge.
And third story is about a married couple from LA. It's a story about a struggle which couples face when they no longer love each other. It is difficult for them to decide whether to stay together or leave each other for good. One last try to salvage their love comes in the form of a trip to Adele's concert.
It's an interesting story with Adele's songs at the heart of it. I confess that I'm not familiar with these songs but then I never had any interest in music. Even without any love for Adele I was still able to enjoy reading this book so I can't imagine what a treat it can be for her fans. ;)