Friday, November 04, 2016

Review: Boys, Toys - OH MY! (Business of Sex #1) by A.M. Willard



Charlie Evans is the kind of woman who turns crimson red when she hears the word penis, so just imagine what happens when she has to say it to a crowd of strangers. 

Cooper Fields is all business, well, that is until Charlie the blushing beauty stumbles into his life. 

Mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea, but their attraction is strong and neither can resist the urge to test the limits of a relationship. 

A misunderstanding involving a stripper, a sex toy consultant, and a bachelor party is what it takes to give Charlie the confidence she needs, but it also causes Cooper to ask himself if he even knows her. Will this situation push Cooper away for good, or can they put the dildos behind them once and for all? 

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This is sweet fun read. I loved it. it's one of those books which make you laugh a lot. Charlie is awkward and shy, it doesn't take much to embarrass her. Then somehow she finds herself selling sex toys. More importantly she is pretty good at it. Now that she is at odds with her boss this new business might save her. Cooper misjudged Charlie and now he regrets it but will she give him a second chance or was that all he was going to get.

I enjoyed reading this novella and I think this series will be quite interesting. I'm looking forward to read more of it.

P.S. I'd like to thank the author for complementary copy of her book.