Thursday, September 15, 2016

Review: Universe in Despair: Stories by Jon Sauve

Universe in Despair: Stories



Atoki - Two universes overlap; the captain of a small spaceship is driven insane, and goes on a rampage. 

Disco Lights - A city falls under an otherworldly shadow, and its residents are stalked by beings from another dimension. 

The Stretch - A scouting party discovers a haunted piece of the past adrift in space. 


The Event - An experiment gone wrong locks the people of a city off from the rest of the world, and gives them a frightening view of the future. 

The Timeless Ones - Two people without a purpose finally find one in the timeless domain of a goddess. 

Hidden in Nowhere - Over the course of a thousand years, humankind devolves into intangibility. 

Super-Sound - A woman awakens to the glitched voice of an AI, and finds she has been brought four thousand years into the future for an unknown purpose. 


Happy Birthday Land! - A lot of strange events occur in Apple City. Zombie clowns are a notable one. 

Portable Hyperspace - A man is driven on through a warped landscape by the imminent destruction of reality... 

...and then, much later, he seeks an end to his troubles at The Eternity Tavern. 
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It's a collection of short stories. Some of them are very good others not so much, but overall it's a good book. This is the best thing about collection of stories, even if you didn't like a few of them there are always some stories which you're bound to love.

I especially liked "Time" part of the book. All four stories in this second part are really well-written, and absolutely enjoyable. I think it's also because the author presented concept of 'time' in a very unique, interesting, and intriguing way. Starting few stories are a little too dark & gory for my taste but no less interesting. And last part is also good. All in all I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend to anyone who likes science fiction. Since it's not my preferred genre I don't have much to compare it with but I will say this.... few sci-fiction books that I've read and loved this one is definitely among them.