Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: Family Illusions (A Hidden Dangers Novel, #1) by Bess George

Family Illusions (A Hidden Dangers Novel, #1)


Charlie Gomez’s life has never been easy. To shield her from her family’s dark past, her mother raised her as an illegal immigrant. She’s spent her life scraping by, never believing anything better was possible. Her mother’s death brings an unexpected windfall - she finally has the opportunity to search for the truth. Now she has a job, a place, and a purpose. The only negative in her new life is her antagonistic sexy new boss.

Jaxon Roberts is no stranger to hardship, but luck and the kindness of his adoptive father turned his life around and gave him something worth fighting for. Beautiful, headstrong Charlie Gomez could be his star employee, or the ruin of a business he’s dedicated to protecting. Reluctantly forced into working alongside her, the last thing he wants is to fall in love.

Once the lid to the past has been pried open danger comes tumbling out. When Charlie disappears, Jaxon is faced with a choice...walk away and preserve the world he knows, or fight for a future with the one woman who can truly teach him what family is all about?


This is one of the best novels I've read in a while. It's one of those books which you start reading and then forget about everything else. As the plot thickens, you will find yourself more and more intrigued, and won't be able to wait until it ends. Beautifully written, this book is a whole package, with suspense and mystery at the centre of it. I loved all the characters, in fact, I loved everything about this book.

Charlie thought her mother was paranoid but she is in for a surprise. Apparently everything she knew about her mother and herself was a lie. Things are far more complicated. Now that her mother is gone she will learn things about her family she had never imagined. Soon she finds about her father. Who was not only a good person but he also left her a home.

Jaxon is her father's adopted son. Jaxon never knew about Charlie and he is unhappy to find her is understatement. He doesn't trust her and want her out of his adoptive father's business as soon as possible. But for the next year he has to deal with her presence. He needs funds which Charlie now has. Soon she might grow on him...

And then there is the mystery of her mother's family, why her mother left home, why she kept her hidden, lived as illegal immigrants? There is so much yet to be revealed.

This book kept me turning pages. I couldn't put it down. It's a must read for all book lovers. Definitely a five star novel!