Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: The Blood of the Hydra (Elementals #2) by Michelle Madow

The Blood of the Hydra (Elementals, #2)


A demigod who can kill with a touch. It's an ability that must be kept secret, even from those trusted most.

Finding out that she was a witch was strange enough, but now Nicole must face the realization that she has the rare power to kill with just a touch. No one can know her secret -- not even Blake, who she's had undeniable chemistry with since first moving to town. 

Now Nicole, Blake, and the three others with elemental powers must stop a series of monsters that they previously believed to be dead from rising once again and destroying the mortal world. The creatures they face on this journey will be more dangerous than anything they've encountered yet. Will they all survive the quest? And how long will it be until Nicole is forced to use her ability to kill in front of everyone, revealing the true darkness of her powers? 

Find out in The Blood of the Hydra, and join the Elementals on their quest to save the world -- or die trying.


The story continues in second book of Elementals. This time their quest will take them to mythical Greek Islands which are very real.

Five witches were chosen to save the world from Titans. In the first book they learned about the prophecy and found Book of Shadows which will now be their guide. In this second book they learn more about the creatures which have come to earth. Also they learn a few things about each other which were very unexpected. But in any case five of them are in this mess together and they must learn to trust each other.

We also get a glimpse into their personal lives. Apart from fantasy, adventure, there is usual teenage drama which makes it all the more fun to read. Blake has broken up with Danielle but Nicole still thinks getting involve with him is not a good idea. Although resisting to act on their mutual attraction to each other will also not be easy. It cannot be denied. Kate happen to have a crush on Chris, who seems to be completely unaware of this fact. The amount of time they all spent with each other, fighting battles together, learning about their world, and what it means to be witches has brought them closer to each other. They are capable of taking care of themselves and the world. But it's important that they stay focused or things might get even more messy.

The book is full of adventure and intrigue. Anyone who has interest in Greek mythology will love it. I certainly did.