Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: Pretending with the Greek Billionaire Kira Archer

Pretending With the Greek Billionaire


Always the life of the party, Luca Vasilakis needs to prove he’s capable of taking over his father’s billion-dollar corporation. The perfect opportunity falls in his arms in the form of the reserved but sexy social worker Constance McMurty. What
better way to improve his reputation than to get engaged to a do-gooder who is raising six orphans?

Constance wants nothing to do with Luca. But a poorly timed paparazzi photo lands her in the middle of a media nightmare, and Luca is her only way out. He proposes an idea that will help them both—be his fiancĂ©e to gain him some respectability and he’ll make a huge donation to her organization…and save her reputation.

But when their lie starts feeling like the truth, and the chemistry just won’t stop, they have a hard time separating what’s real and what’s fantasy… 

5-Stars Review

This book is amazing. I loved the story, and characters. I enjoyed reading it a lot. It's funny, romantic, and very entertaining. The best thing about it is Constance McMurty. I adored her character. She is my favorite kind of heroine. It's definitely a 5 Stars book, totally worth reading. <3
Constance has six girls to take care of. lat thing she wants is some playboy trying to have a bad influence on her. But she is in trouble and needs Luca's help. So she must put up with his antics, at least for now.
Luca likes her but to him everything is just a game. He wants his father's approval and he is going to have it one way or the other. Blackmailing Constance is no big deal. After all he will be helping her too.
But more time they spend together more they realize how much they want each other. The question is will they be able to resist temptation or not...
Beautifully written, this book was hard to put down once I started it. I'm glad I got the chance to read. I'd recommend it to all those who like "billionaires" because Luca is just perfect. :)