Sunday, August 14, 2016

Review: Little Temptations (Second Chances #3) by Madison Street

Little Temptations (Second Chances, #3)


Author Note: This can be read as a stand alone; however it is recommended to read prior novels first.

I’m an asshole; I know it, and I’ve never pretended to be anything else. I have a crazy flip switch temper but it made me the man I am today. I’m at the top of my game, a fighter with a reputation of a battler in the ring and an alpha in the bedroom.

I don’t have to chase women; they chase me. When I’m done with them, they’re left craving more. I’ve never needed more – never wanted more.


I’ve never wanted anyone so badly before, but my attraction to her could kill her.

Is the temptation worth the risk?

****Warning: This book contains strong sexual content, violence, and foul language. Intended for ages 18 and over.*****


Unfortunately I'm no a fan of MMA but still I think this book was pretty good. Even I enjoyed reading it to some extent. So I'm quite sure that people who actually like such book will definitely love this one.

Taylor has an anger problem but then he learns to keep it in control, fighting is his outlet. Being a college dropout means that he really needs to make it as a fighter hence the training and hard work. Now that he has made his place in fighting world he still needs to stay focused.
Then he meets Harley. She is annoying, irritating, and very attractive. The more time they spend together the more attracted they feel to each other. But will Taylor be able to change his ways and fall for one girl after all?

It's well-written and- apart from the parts about fighting- I quite enjoyed reading it.