Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review: Curse of Gold by Jen McConnel

Curse of Gold by Jen McConnel


Some curses aren’t meant to be broken…

When Riley moved to London to get her graduate degree, she never thought of herself as dangerous. But when a guy she loves drops dead, Riley starts to believe in the family curse. Her eccentric grandmother insists that it’s up to Riley to break the centuries-old curse that has plagued the family, but all Riley has to go on are Gran’s cryptic remarks and a little bit of mostly awful luck.

Her luck changes for the better when she meets Tom, a scholar with a treasure-hunting hobby who knows more about Riley’s curse than either of them realize. Despite the risks, Riley is drawn to Tom, but her curse prevents her from acting on the growing attraction. Will their combined love of esoteric history be enough to break the curse, or will Riley remain deadly to anyone who falls for her?


I loved Riley's story. It's fascinating & immensely intriguing tale of curses, love, death, and history. Riley is a struggling student but what no one knows is that she is cursed. It's not even a new curse but an ancient one. She has no idea how to deal with it. She can't love anyone because people she loves end up dead. She doesn't even know if she believes in this family curse or not. In any case she just feels depressed...

Then things start to look up. She meets Tom, a scholar who not only believes her story about but also intends to help her breaking the curse. He is someone she can easily fall in love with. She is just too scared to take a chance, may be they will succeed in breaking her curse and then she will let herself love him. Not before that though. She can't risk his life...

The story is beautifully written, set in cities of Bath and London, it's an interesting tale which intricate past, present and future. The author has used Italian mythology, Shakespearean references, and modern age inferences in a way that makes it even more entertaining. I absolutely loved it. I think it's a must read for everyone who enjoys a good story.