Friday, August 26, 2016

Review: Bayou Nights (A Haunting Desire #2) by Julie Mulhern

Bayou Nights


Murder in the streets and passion in the shadows…

New Orleans, 1903. Before he died, Christine Lambert’s father won a piece of eight in a poker game. How was he to know the coin was part of a puzzle that when solved revealed the location of Jean Laffite’s treasure? Now Christine must find the treasure before the killer beats her to it.

Matthias Blake is as out of place in New Orleans as a raven in a flock of hummingbirds. He has serious work to do and Christine is a distraction he doesn’t need. But how can he resist a lady in distress—even if that lady can win a fight armed with a hat pin? Together they must overcome their pasts and defeat dark forces sent by a shadowy evil. In the process, they just might find the greatest treasure of all…


This book is so much fun to read. All the chaos and mayhem caused by one coin, and leads to an adventure which will bring Matthias & Christine together. This book is a combination of all my favourite genres, historical, paranormal, adventure, mystery, and romance. No wonder I enjoyed reading it so much.

Christine is in trouble her dear father is missing and all kinds of creatures are attacking her. Now it is up to her to not only find her father but also keep trouble away. Which will be no easy feat considering the fact that she has one thing which is bound to attract trouble no matter how hard she tries. It seems that every ghost in New Orleans is after the coin. They all want one thing and they're not afraid to use the living for their own purposes.

Matthias is here to help Christine. The woman has no sense of self-preservation. In fact it seems that she is quite enjoying the danger. But this is no fun adventure. Their lives are at stake. Not to mention many souls who haven't crossed over and roams the city. Sometimes their gift can be a curse. But in any case it is now their problem to solve the whole mystery revolving around this coin. He isn't sure about many things but Matthias knows one thing for sure... no matter what he will protect Christine. So from now on they are stuck together for as long as it takes to find her father and leave the danger behind...

This is a fun & light read. I enjoyed it a lot. I loved both Matthias and Christine, side characters are good too. Ghosts kept things interesting. It's a must read for everyone. :)