Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: Under A Brass Moon Anthology

Under A Brass Moon Anthology

About the Book

A moon of gears and wires shines down upon a world of clockwork creations and humming airships. What adventures await the heroes in top hats and heroines in corsets?

Nineteen authors wait at the kingdom's entrance. They smile and beckon you inside their stories. 

Do you accept the offered lantern and follow? If you do, then open to the front page and begin... 



5-Stars Review

I loved it! All the stories are amazing, some are better than others though. I enjoyed all of them. Stories are about a world unlike ours and yet like ours in some ways. I especially loved Maiden in the Clock tower, and They Call Her Treasure by Jordan E. Mierek, Queen of Cobwebs by Jeremy Mortis, Vault by James Wymore, and The Balloon Thief by Jessica Gunn. Rest of the stories are also very good. Each author has his or her unique style and they all bring something to the collection. Definitely a must read for steampunk fans.