Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: Moon Dust (Two Moons of Sera) by Pavarti K. Tyler

Moon Dust


Evolved Publishing presents a short story from the multiple award-winning author of White Chalk and The Sugar House Novellas. This story, a prequel to the novel Two Moons of Sera, is the perfect quick break from your hectic day at less than 14,800 words. 

Science Fiction, Romantic Fantasy, Short Story

Nilafay spends her time beneath the ocean's surface either swimming in the depths or in the artificial atmosphere of the Domed City. Despite the rules of her amphibian race, she longs to explore the world above. On the day before her wedding to the Sualwet man of her dreams, Nilafay finally wanders too far and learns just what the others had been warning her about.

5-Stars Review

It's very interesting. I loved the story. It's the kind of story which will touch your heart and you won't be able to forget it in a hurry. It's novella so I wasn't expecting this much emotions, in this short book the author has said a lot. It's sad and happy both at the same time. After I closed the book it took me a while to decide how I feel about it, which is not an easy feat for an author. But P. K. Tyler has managed to do that.

The story is about a fantasy world. Nilafay lives in Doomed City under the ocean but she loves to explore the world above water. She is curious about other creatures who live above sea. But due to the war they are not allowed to leave the ocean. Nilafay ventures to far from home, the result isn't what she has hoped for....

It's an interesting & entertaining read. I quite enjoyed it.

P.S. I'd like to thank the author for providing a review copy of this book.