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Tour Stop + Review: Cash Remington and the Rum Run by Celia Aaron

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I plunder the sea, steal what I can, and never look back. It’s a pirate captain’s life for me. When my crew and I discover a destroyed ship floating on the endless waves, we scavenge it for every scrap of cloth and every morsel of food. Inside, I find a treasure—gold, gems, and a girl. I’ll ravage the girl, spend the gold, and use the gem to buy the ship of my dreams—the Gloomy Lotus. At least that’s the plan—until the Kraken, a whirlpool, and a six-headed beast attack my ship. Despite the danger, I still intend to have my way with the girl. Nothing can stop me. I’m Cash Remington, and I take what I want.

Content Warning: This swashbuckling standalone tale stars an alpha male who takes what he wants. It's full of sex and violence. It's an erotic adventure, not a romance, and is not "safe." If you're cool with these caveats, enjoy!

5-Stars Review

It's a funny story. I liked Cash Remington, he is a pirate who is used to getting whatever he wants. He cannot be trusted. His crew isn't the brightest but they are all scared of him and that's exactly how he likes to keep things. At least this way no one ever questions him. But things got messy for his crew and him when they found a sinking ship and try to steal their treasure. Running for their lives, they are able to salvage two things, a gem and a woman.

Nere just wants to be saved. She is the only one alive on the destroyed vessel, Cash saves her. His intentions are not good but at least she is alive and on her way away from the sea. But things don't go so smoothly, soon they find themselves chased my sea monsters. Nothing makes sense and Cash must find a way to save his ship and himself. Dying is not an option....

With a lot of funny, sexy, creepy, and intriguing factors, this book is a perfect quick read. I enjoyed reading this story of a pirate. And recommend it to readers who don't mind reading graphic stuff.

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I wake when the air in the room shifts. I crack my eyes open. Nere kneels beside the bed and slowly lifts the mattress. She’s after the stone. Little minx. The sun shines in her hair, the light strands almost silver.
I add in a snore so she’ll think I’m still out. A secret smile plays across her pink lips, and she reaches farther underneath me.
In one swift movement, I yank her up and toss her onto the bed next to me. She readies to scream, so I slap a hand over her mouth. I climb on top of her nude body and pin her wrists over her head with one hand. I push one knee between hers, though she tries to clamp her legs together. No chance. I’m far too strong to be denied.
I settle between her legs, and I hiss when my cock rests against her hot pussy, only the fabric of my pants separating me from her.
“A thief?” I glare into her light eyes.
She doesn’t flinch.
“Keep it quiet or I’ll smack you.” I peel my hand from her lips and run it down her side. Her skin is like silk, smooth and warm.
“Get off me.” Her eyes narrow.
“No.” I tighten my grip on her wrists and run my hand beneath her, getting a palm-full of her ass.
“All I want is my stone. Then I’ll go, and you’ll never see me again.”
I knead her flesh, my fingers creeping close to her pussy. “It’s my stone.”
“You stole it!”
I lean down and graze my lips across hers. “I’m a pirate.”
“It’s mine. I’ll get it one way or another.” She glares up at me in challenge, and now I know I have to fuck her. The spirited ones always get to me.
“It seems we’re in a situation. One where I want something, and you want something.” I smirk at her, and her eyes flicker to my lips.
“What do you want?”
I thrust my hips against her. “As if you need to ask.”
She presses her lips into a thin line and glowers at me. “No.”
“Then I guess I’ll take the gem and go. And then you’ll never see me again.” I release her hands and lean away from her. My heart pounds, adrenaline coursing through my veins. I’m toying with her. She’s going to take every inch of me before we leave this room.
“Wait.” She places one of her small hands on my thigh. “If I let you have what you want…” She glances away. “Then you’ll give me the stone?”
No. “Yes.”
“I have your word?” Her eyes sparkle in the noonday sun pouring through the glassless window.
“Of course.” As if the word of a pirate is worth anything.

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Celia Aaron is the self-publishing pseudonym of a published romance and erotica author. She loves to write stories with hot heroes and heroines that are twisty and often dark. Thanks for reading.
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