Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Tour Stop + Review: Beautifully Chaotic by Natalie Barnes

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These lies… don’t seem to hurt.
Bend this soul, down to the earth
Why try… to feel the sting
It only, causes burn…
Wash away… all this dirt
Only me, is all who knows
Fading far, never be heard
And I try, God have I tried
To live again
With peace… in my own soul
That’s desperately, begging for the end.

3-Stars Review

It's an interesting story, full of drama and emotions, not for the faint of heart because you might end up crying a lot. What I didn't like though is over use of word fu*k. I mean really over use. It's in every sentence, almost, or at least that's how it felt. Any how I'm going to try and be objective here. May be people like slang language and won't mind it much. So for those of you who won't care... here is what I think of everything else...
The story is good, plot line is quite engaging. The story is divided in two parts "then" and "now". Katie and Caleb are teenagers when they meet and fell in love, now they are both grown ups. With a lot of time a part from each other, they have both changed. The only thing that hasn't changed is how much they still want to be together.
Things weren't easy for them. They were too different. Everyone thought they weren't right for each other but truth is that they were perfect together. "Then" they couldn't be together but "now" they might have a chance.
I would recommend this book to you only if you don't mind reading about graphic scenes, abuse, and informal language, Otherwise the book is good and I hope you enjoy it even though I couldn't.

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Everything I Want
Everything I Need
Everything I Have
Natalie Barnes is the Amazon International Bestselling author of Everything I Want, Everything I Need, and Everything I Have. She is Native American and grew up on the Bay Mills Indian Reservation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Natalie spent most of her twenties working in an accounting department as a bookkeeper before she decided to pursue her passion and write full time.
Natalie likes to write with a wicked desire to push her readers to a provocative edge. She is inspired to write by listening to music, which she believes is an influential part of the creative process in her writing.
She still resides in Michigan with her family.