Friday, June 03, 2016

Review: The Matchmaker by Heather Dahlgren


She can find love for anyone...

He isn't looking...

Finding love is exactly what Amanda and Davis need without knowing it. Who knew a date when neither were looking for more, could lead to so much? But what if it’s built on a tiny omission of fact?

Matches can be made, but can they survive the truth?


The Matchmaker

5-Stars Review

This is very sweet story. I loved it. Amanda is a matchmaker by profession but when Davis' sister comes to her to find him a match she is lost. None of her clients want to go out for a single night without any expectations. So she decides to go out with him herself.

Davis sister shouldn't meddle in his life but he knows that she can't help it. Besides this date is to help out a friend so he agree to go out with Amanda. What was supposed to be one night of fun soon turns into a lot more. They are both falling in love and now Amanda doesn't know how to tell him about her profession.

Will he be able to forgive her on not?
This is a short, fun romance, perfect for a hot summer day. I'd definitely recommend it to all romance lovers. You're going to enjoy this one.