Monday, June 13, 2016

Review: Curse of Stone by Jen McConnel

Curse of Stone


What would you do if you knew you were cursed?

Julia is depressed. Ever since her mom died, it's been hard for Julia to enjoy life, even when she's spending a year studying in Rome. But when an ancient curse attaches itself to her, Julia realizes that she isn't ready to give up. With the help of Fernando, a too-charming-for-words guy from her art history class (and the heir to a black market antiquities business), Julia feels like she might have a second chance at everything. But time is running out, and the curse makes it a matter of life or death. Can Julia and Nando break the curse, or is it already too late?

5-Stars Review

Another amazing story from author Jen McConnel. I absolutely loved it! It's a short story about an ancient curse that some how finds it's way into the modern world.

Julia's life is not going the way she had envisioned. Now she is second guessing her decisions. Things aren't easy for her to begin with but now she might be cursed. She doesn't want to believe it but all the signs are there. Nando tries to help her fight the curse. Although his knowledge is incomplete and they will need someone who knows about ancient curses, and how to break them.

It's a beautifully written short story that I enjoyed reading a lot. A great read for a hot summer day.