Monday, June 06, 2016

Cover & Blurb Reveal + Giveaway: A Dream of Lilies: A Novella by Petra March

Nicholas Baudin lives in Toulouse, France, where he owns a small coffee place, Le Petit Café. His life is apparently tranquil, and made of small joys and simple habits. In truth, though, this young man's soul is troubled with memories of a painful event.

Then, on a bright spring day, Nicholas meets a strange, enchanting young woman with white hair, and pale blue eyes. Her name is Lily Brightwell. She is an actress who captivates crowds with her talent and her stories.

As Nicholas begins to fall for the young artist, his life turns into something unexpected and lovely.
(Ages 17+)

Release Date: June 21st, 2016

Series: A Touch of Cinnamon

Edition: eBook

Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Women's Fiction, Romance

About the Author
Petra March studied Screenwriting and History of American Cinema at UCLA and NYU. Presently, Petra keeps traveling and dreaming through her novels. Her characters are deeply in love with Europe and the USA, just like Petra is.

Petra March is the Award Winning Author of the A Touch of Cinnamon Series.

Book 1: A Veil of Glass and Rain(Special Edition)

Book 2: All the Skies I will not See: A Novella

Winner of:

-Pacific Book Awards (2016):Best Short Story.

-Pinnacle Book Achievement Award (Summer 2015):Best Novella.

-Literary Classics Seal of Approval (August 20, 2015).
-Readers' Favorite 5-Star-Review Medal.
-Shelf Unbound Notable Top 100 Book (2015).
-The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards Finalist (2015).


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