Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review: Just Once by Rebecca Brooke

Just Once


A chance encounter changes everything.

After the loss of his closest friend, and with a scheduled deployment closing in, the last thing Army Ranger Colin Dunham wants is to start any new relationship. But Joey, with her gorgeous eyes and blunt honesty, grabs Colin’s attention from the moment he catches her watching him from across the bar. He knows one night is all they can have. This mysteriously addictive girl ends up taking over every one of his dreams and nightmares, though, crossing the line of another night he’d rather forget.As dreams become reality, Colin steps in to protect Joey from a threat he never imagined. And when tables turn, it’s Joey who must protect him. Circumstances are never what they seem. 

Can just one night lead them to the other side of heartache?

4-Stars Review

It's a great book. I loved the story and all the characters. Although a little more depressing than I initially thought. ;) It tells a story of two army officers who are deployed in Afghanistan. Joey and Colin met once before, they had an instant connection but neither wanted to start a relationship just before deployment. Now they are here, on a mission together. When they got hurt the recovery took a lot more than either of them could have anticipated. Since they are perfect for each other and clearly on love maybe they will find their way back to each other....

Joey is a pilot and works for the army. She has always had difficulty maintaining a relationship. Guys find her profession a little intimidating. Also it's difficult because she stays away for months when she is deployed. So when she meets Colin she doesn't tell him about her profession and just wanted to see where this will all lead....

Colin is still not over loosing a comrade, his friend Nate, who dies in front of him and he couldn't save him. Now he is having nightmares about that night. So when his friends try to cheer him up, he went along. Then he meets Joey. She is perfect and he doesn't want to start a relationship at this time. So nothing could come out of it. But when he sees her again, he simply cannot resist it and they both decided to see where things will go once they get to know each other....

I liked it a lot. It is a good read and I'd recommend it to all book lovers who don't mind reading about battle fields, and the scars they leave behind.