Saturday, April 02, 2016

Sale of Beautifully Tainted by A. M. Guilliams


Fate has a funny way of helping people out when tough decisions need to be made. In two different places and two different times, with the spin of a globe, she decides that Matt and Emily should end up in a place where they can both begin to heal. Maine. 

Emily Jackson holds everything in and keeps everyone at arm’s length. She has become a new person. A shell of who she once was. All for good reason. One she can never reveal. 

Matthew Anderson leaves everything behind because he can’t handle his past and what has become his future. He’s set out to move on and leave everything behind. A new place, faces, and job are exactly what he needs right now. 

One instant connection. Two tainted souls. From the instant their eyes meet, they feel it. They just decide it’s not worth the risk. However, Fate has other plans. Can Emily and Matt let go just a little to see where things could lead as more than friends? Can they let go of their demons long enough to realize that what they need most could be each other? Or will they continue to live beautifully tainted? 



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How far would you go to keep a life altering secret? 
Join Mattie and Emily on their journey to discovering that nothing is as it seems and that they may be better together than apart!