Monday, April 11, 2016

Review: Wild Card (Leaving Las Vegas #3) by Aleah Barley

Wild Card (Leaving Las Vegas #3)


Las Vegas showgirl Gina Malloy isn't looking for trouble when she walks in on a shady backroom deal, but when the bullets start flying, she grabs the bags of stolen loot and hits the road out of town. Of course, she didn't count on the bad guys tailing her, or the sexy detective who comes to her rescue.

Detective Gabriel Finn is no one's knight in shining armor. A former priest, he just wants to drag the witness's butt back to town. Instead, he gets a tough as nails woman who's all grit and heart. When a pair of thugs take a shot at her, he decides the best way to keep her safe is to stay out of Las Vegas and launch his own investigation.

Take one-legged showgirl, a former priest turned detective, and a couple of mafia thugs. Mix carefully. The results could be explosive.

5-Stars Review

I loved this book! It is perfect. The story is good, it's well-written, and full of romance, thrill, as well as some mystery & intrigue. I enjoyed reading it and will recommend to all readers. I hope you like it as much as I did. ;)

Gina unintentionally stumbled across something she wasn't supposed to know at all. Not only that but she was also foolish enough to thing she could deal with this situation on her own. Now she is in big trouble. There are people who want her dead. Not knowing what else to do she leaves town, ran away, hoping to get far away from all the drama going on in Las Vegas...

Gabriel is on leave when he is called back to work and find a show girl. He thought it was a waste of time. What a girl like her would know about the situation at hand. But soon enough he found her, as well as a lot more. Things at police department might not be as crystal clear as they ought to be. Now he couldn't take her back or she would be killed. Not knowing what else to do he decided to go back to Chicago. The only thing that mattered was to keep her safe...

On the road, running from death, soon the two of them formed an unlikely bond. There is also an attraction, not to mention explosive chemistry between the two. So get ready for a thrilling read...