Friday, February 26, 2016

Review: Winter Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #4 by C.D. Gorri

Winter Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #4


"It was difficult to remember the girl I used to be when my Wolf instincts were at the forefront as they were now. I closed my eyes and counted backwards. A little calming technique Cara had told me in one of the rare moments during our training when she was not out for my blood. It was a useful tool. When I opened my eyes I could think more clearly. The footsteps were closer and any second their bearers would break from the stand of trees into the small clearing where I was being held.
I braced myself, but nothing could have prepared me for the sight that came next. Angela’s fiery red hair broke through the tree line followed by a tall mystery guy with dark hair and a limp Wolf in his arms. I knew that Wolf. It was Ronan.¶

It's St. Lucy's Day and the battle has begun! With her friends by her side, Maria Graziana Kelly has more than enough fire power to fight the Demon minions. But will she be able to reunite with her one true love? Will Grazi find out what it really means to be a Werewolf? Can she save her brother before it's too late? Find out in Winter Moon!

5-Star Review

I loved this book. it is packed with action and kept me interested until the very end. I love Grazi Kelly's novels, each one is better than the previous and this one is just the best. The story flows smoothly and all the characters are simply amazing. This is the best paranormal novel I've read this year. A must read for all book lovers!

Grazi is in danger, in fact the whole world is in danger. The evil witches are planning to take over and it seems that they might succeed this time. Unless Grazi and her friends can save themselves and the world. Time is short and they need to act quickly otherwise all will be lost...

This is a thrilling read. Everything happens fast and it is a quick, enjoyable read. I have loved Grazi since book one and her story just kept getting better and better. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. Happy reading! :)