Sunday, February 14, 2016

Review: Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek



When fifteen-year-old Edna Mather tears an expensive and unfamiliar pocket watch off her little brother's neck, he crumbles into a pile of cogs right before her eyes. Horrified, Edna flees for help, but encounters Ike, a thief who attempts to steal the watch before he realises what it is: a device to power Coglings—clockwork changelings left in place of stolen children who have been forced to work in factories.

Desperate to rescue her brother, Edna sets off across the kingdom to the hags' swamp, with Ike in tow. There, they learn Coglings are also replacing nobility so the hags can stage a rebellion and rule over humanity. Edna and Ike must stop the revolt, but the populace believes hags are helpful godmothers and healers. No one wants to believe a lowly servant and a thief, especially when Ike has secrets that label them both as traitors.

Together, Edna and Ike must make the kingdom trust them or stop the hags themselves, even if Ike is forced to embrace his dark heritage and Edna must surrender her family.

5-Stars Review

Wow! Let me just catch my breath before I write a review, because this book just took it away! Yes it's THAT good. ;)

Wait for it.....

I loved this amazing adventure of a girl who just wanted to find and save her brother but stumbled on something much bigger and far more dangerous than she anticipated. When hags took Edna's brother, leaving a Cogling in his place, she went after them. She had to save him, she couldn't fail him. She promised herself she would bring him home. Ike helped her but he had reasons of his own to go after the hags. Hags must be stopped and Edna and Ike planned to do just that. But their journey was full of dangers and many experiences neither of them ever anticipated. Would they reach their destination unscathed or even return once they saved Harrison?

There are a lot of surprises in store for both of them. But for her brother, Edna would take any risk necessary. She wasn't sure what Ike's reasons were but she knew she could trust him and that's what she was going to do. After all he was the only one who knew how to get to the factories where Hags were keeping Harrison. Also if they were going to stop the evil hags for once and for all they needed each others help and also help from their various unexpected helpers.

It's an awesome story which takes readers into a very well written fantasy you wouldn't want to leave. It's full of adventures, twists and turns which will keep you on your toes. Once I started reading I simply couldn't put it down.