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Review Tour + Giveaway: Coach Maddie and the Marine by Blaire Edens

Coach Maddie and the Marine


After the combat death of her Marine husband, grief counselor Maddie Westerfield has thrown herself into helping other families—leaving no time for dating. Which is just fine with Maddie since falling in love again, especially with another man in uniform, is out of the question. No matter how gorgeous he is. Plus, she’s busy looking after her eight-year-old nephew for her deployed sister.

For the last eight years, Lieutenant David Sterling has lived with the guilt of losing one of his soldiers in an ambush in Afghanistan. So when the opportunity presents itself, he jumps at the chance to help the beautiful widow coach her nephew’s football team. But keeping things strictly professional between them is harder than he expected. And even though he knows a relationship with Maddie will only lead to heartbreak, he can't help falling for her.



4-Stars Review

It was a good read. I liked both Maddie and David's characters and story was also good. Although the book has more serious tone than I expected but it is no less interesting. War changes people and the story has tried to capture the internal struggles of those who have been directly effected by it. I think that it was well written and quite engaging but some things did seem a little rushed, especially in the end.

David is a war hero, He came back alive when many others couldn't. But he doesn't think of it in this way, he feels responsible for those who died on his watch. Frank is one such soldier. He can't get over Frank's death and now he is here with his widow. He feels attracted to her but his guilty is too much to get over. He doesn't deserve Maddie. She is perfect and it is his fault that she is a widow at such young age.

Maddie knows that David was with her husband in his last moments but she doesn't want to think about it. It has taken her a long time move on and now she just wants to keep that chapter close. But one thing is certain she cannot get involved with another marine, who might not come home from his next mission, also there is a past there which she doesn't want to re-visit.

Things don't go the way they anticipated. With all their cautions and misgivings they are together and simply cannot live without each other. But can they live together?

This a good book for romance lovers but don't expect too much fun and be ready to see a darker side to life. :)

About the Author

Blaire Edens lives in the mountains of North Carolina on a farm thats been in her family since 1790. When shes not plotting, shes busy knitting, running, or listening to the Blues. Blaire loves iced tea with mint, hand-stitched quilts, and yarn stores. She refuses to eat anything that mixes chocolate and peanut butter or apple and cinnamon. Shes generally nice to her mother, tries to remember not to smack her bubble gum, and only speeds when no ones looking.

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