Sunday, January 17, 2016

Review: Ironheart by Nico Rosso



Superhero Vince “The Anvil” can take on knives, bullets, and bombs, but he’s not invincible. It was a hard hit when Kara, AKA “Snapdragon,” flew off after their explosive affair. And he’s especially vulnerable when she returns, looking for his help. 
Kara is new to the superhero game, and villain TechHead is too much for her and her teammates to handle. He’s determined to use their combined power to fuel his ultimate weapon. Her only chance to take him on is with Vince’s brutal skill. But bringing Vince into the fight leaves her exposed to the white hot passion that had scared her away in the first place. When TechHead captures Kara, Vince will stop at nothing to rescue her–even if it means sacrificing his heart.

4-Stars Review

This is an interesting and fun read. Superheroes are super-hot and it's quite intriguing to read about their explosive chemistry. Apart from that book is also well written and characters are all very interesting. Vince and Kara won't let you get bored at all.

Vince is on a break from all the superhero stuff. He is tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong during crime-fighting. Right now he is alone and that's exactly how he wants it to stay. But things don't go his way. TechHead is after Kara and now Vince needs to play hero once again. For her he is willing to do anything. It doesn't matter that she broke his heart in the past. She is the only one he wants to be with. But will he be able to save her and keep his heart intact. He might be invincible but she is able to penetrate all his defences.

This is a must read for superhero & science fiction fans. I'm not much of a fan but even I loved this book.