Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bearly Ever: An Alpha Werebear Shifter Romance (Arcadia #1) by Olivia Gayle

Bearly Ever: An Alpha Werebear Shifter Romance


When Ever Jackson came to Arcadia to find her missing sister, she certainly didn’t expect the close-minded response by residents of the small town. Nobody, it seemed, wanted to speak with or help her in any way, but she was determined to figure out her sister’s whereabouts. Too bad the pesky sheriff decided to stick his nose where it didn’t belong but, lawman or not, Ever wasn’t giving up and leaving Arcadia without a fight. 

Sheriff Aidan Tucker preferred it when the human world stayed out of his Shifter town. He has a low opinion of humans to begin with, and having one poking around does nothing to endear himself to them. That is, until he gets a whiff of her, and realizes with a shock that the little spitfire who won’t back down from a fight is human, and his mate. 

Well, hell. 

The human could get herself killed without his help, so Aidan decides to tag along whether she wants it or not. But there are secrets in his town that go beyond mere shapeshifting, some even the Sheriff doesn't know, and Ever Jackson may be right in the middle of it all..

5-Stars Review

I loved this book. It is a fun shifter romance, full of suspense as well. The whole mystery around the small town of Arcadia was very intriguing. I was fully engrossed wight from the first page and until the last. There were some well-timed twists and turns as well. That made this book even more interesting, not to forget some pretty steamy-romantic scenes.
Ever is in this strange town to find her sister. What she doesn't understand is that why people are treating her like some kind of disease. Soon she finds out why....
Aidan is Sheriff of the Town. The moment he meets new-comer woman he knows that she is special to him. But first he must gain her trust, help her find her sister and solve the mystery revolving around two sisters which has connected them to their remote town...
It is immensely enjoyable novel. I am glad that i could get a complementary copy, thanks to the author.