Monday, February 09, 2015

Review: One Real Man by Coleen Kwan

One Real Man (Real Men, #3)


Amidst an ugly divorce and an even uglier scandal, Paige Kerrigan has returned to her parents' estate to hide out until things blow over. While she's enjoying a late-night naked swim, however, she's shocked to find Owen Bellamy— her family's former cute pool boy—standing poolside. Now he's all hot, grown up, and renting the Kerrigan property…and he's definitely not forgiven Paige for how she used to treat him.
Once, the beautiful but spoiled Paige Kerrigan was everything Owen wanted. Now she's broke and Owen finally has his offering her a place to stay as his housekeeper. Yet Paige isn't the person he remembers. Instead, she's far more than he imagined, and far more irresistible than is safe. But the last thing Owen can afford is to give his heart to the same woman who once broke it.

5-Stars Review

A sizzling romance between two people who considered each other enemies. Paige was a rich and spoiled teenage girl and Owen was a rebellious boy from the wrong side of the track. Now they are both grown ups and a lot has changed. Owen has a successful business and renting the house of his former employers. While Paige is divorced and broke. Now circumstances have reversed their situations. Owen offered her a job as his housekeeper and she took it out of desperation. As it turns out that he is still not over the way she treated him so many years ago and he still wants revenge. 
As he gets to know Paige he realises how different she is from what he had always presumed. The chemistry between the two is off charts and in the end they decided to get their "unfinished business" out of the way. Things get out of hands when bothe realised that they were in love with each other. The refuse to admit it though and that leads to more misunderstandings. In the end all gets well and two enemies got their happily everafter.
I really liked this book. It is a good romance novel and I'd recommend it to all romance lovers.