Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Sword of Demelza by J.E. Rogers

Cynric, King of Demelza, is haunted by his past. In an effort to escape it, he wields a powerful sword, commanding his dragon lizards and a malevolent thylacine, to wreak havoc throughout the realm. Villages are burning and innocent creatures are dying.

Erik and Emma, two young marsupials, and Devon, an orphaned red fox, are on their own personal quests; two to save a life, one to destroy another. When their paths cross, these natural enemies forge an unusual friendship. Soon they hear of the devastation caused by the evil king and they realize that their personal objectives must be put aside. Even though that decision will affect their own lives, and the lives of the ones they love, they are determined to help their fellow creatures. They put themselves at risk by joining a motley crew of animals, whose main objective is to end the reign of King Cynric.

A final battle will take place in the shadow of Fortress Demelza as the king’s forces clash with this rag tag band of creatures from the countryside. The fate of Sunderland and its inhabitants is at stake.

From the Author: The Sword of Demelza is a middle grade fantasy where endangered animal heroes roam the pages, and the Australian landscape comes alive! A glossary at the end of the book provides information about the unusual flora and fauna found within the story, and only on the continent of Australia. Wonderful Illustrations throughout the book will help bring the creatures to life. A sneak peek of The Gift of Sunderland, the second book in the Australian Fantasy Adventures, is included.

Filled with profound lessons of loyalty, friendship, tolerance and dedication to a cause, J.E. Rogers delivers a fantasy filled with excitement and unforgettable characters. It is truly an exciting journey, populated by fascinating beings. A must read for every child, young and old!

An entertaining as well as informative read for children. It's about the wild life of Australia. Although the book is meant for children, I enjoyed it just as much as any child will.
As we embark on an adventure with Erik and Emma, two kowaris, many unexpected things happen. They are both on a quest to save their mother. She has been bitten by a brown snake and now they need certain ingredients to make a potion which will revive her. Aldon (the keeper of the forest) and Oswin (the owl) are guiding them.
On the other side of the forest a young fox (Devon) is on a mission to hunt down the cruel thylacine and kill him for murdering his parents and destroying his home. Devon was separated from his father when he was just a kit. His father Cynric (the king of Demelza) thought him to be dead and haunted by his memories, had become cruel. He is scared for life and now no one is safe from his wrath.
There are other villains as well who play their role in this amazing adventure. Dragon lizards were the cruelest. They burn down villages and kill without mercy.
The paths of Devon and the two siblings coincide and another adventure, they haven't foreseen, begins....
It is an amazingly well written book. All the animal-characters are beautifully described and they will lead you to enter another dimension where dragon lizards attack villages, spiders have mums and small animals fight to save their world.

P.S. I want to thank the author for a free copy in return of an honest review.