Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pretender to the Throne (Call of Duty #3) by Maisey Yates

A duty to the past…

After fifteen years in self-imposed exile, the haunted rebel prince Xander Drakos must walk back through the palace gates and assume the role he once abandoned.

Only one woman can restore his good name—the woman he left behind. But when Xander finds Layna Xenakos, he’s horrified to see the effects of the turmoil he left behind written in the scars across her body.

But her scars have given her strength, and Layna refuses to bow to his royal command. Now Xander must use his practiced charm to convince her to become his bride, securing his legitimate place on the throne.

It was a quick and fun read. I think it was a sad a tragic story. It shows how one single incident can change the entire course of one's life. How one person can determine one's fate. It is a scary thing. The story is dark and deary, very emotional. It made me cry.
Xander left his country and never planned to return. After all it was not his place to rule. But then love for his siblings and concern for their future made him to return. He was horrified to see the effects of his departure. especially the way his ex-fiance Layna's life was ruined because of his selfishness made him guilty. He decided to right the wrong and redeem himself.
Layna had accepted her new life. she knew that nothing could ever be the same. Then Xander appears like a ghost from her past and once again she was thrown under the limelight. People weren't so kind to the scarred princess. She decided to make it work for the country's sake.
This time Xander meant to stay with her and together they planned to work for their country.
I must admit that this book wasn't what I had expected. Harlequin's books are rarely that emotional. Still I liked reading it. But I won't recommend it to people looking for light reading. In case you want serious and emotional stuff then this one is for you.