Friday, January 24, 2014

A Bride for Tom (Nebraska Historicals) by Ruth Ann Nordin

"Marriage can seem long with a man attached to his mother's apron strings. Perhaps Peter isn't ready to marry yet."
---A Bride for Tom, Ruth Ann Nordin

"But if you like the one you're with, it makes it all the better."
---A Bride for Tom, Ruth Ann Nordin

A funny and interesting story about a clumsy guy (Tom) looking for a bride and a beautiful and kind girl (Jessica) who tries to help him. There are a lot of laugh-out-loud scenes and the characters are just so "cute". Its beautifully written and a real treat for historical romance fans.
Their first encounter ended with her in tears but she knew it wasn't his fault and she was willing to over look his clumsiness and try to be friends. Tom on the other hand had no idea that she was engaged and mistook her friendship for something more. After initial shock and hurt he decided to distant himself from her because he couldn't be with her knowing that she wasn't his. Whereas, Jessica realised that her fiance was not right for her and she wanted to marry Tom.