Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Dream Cast

Seven Day Fiance (Love and Games #2) By Rachel Harris
I put together my dream cast for Seven Day Fiance. A little about all the main characters who made an appearance in this second book in Rachel Harris' Love and Games series.

Angelle Prejean: A young woman trying to live on her own, away from her hometown and doing a fine job of it too. She is both vulnerable and strong at the same time. Her family thinks that she needed to be taken care of but Cane knows that she can take care of herself just fine.

Cane Robicheaux: King of abs, the hot guy who runs family restaurant and mans the bar on weekends. He is not just a hot biker but a secret nerd who likes to read a lot and has interest in physics and maths.

Cane & Angelle: Ideal couple ;)

Sherry Robicheaux: Angelle's room mate/best friend/Cane's youngest sister. She is a wild girl who was behind the whole bachelor's auction/best abs contest. The only one who could get away with it not that Cane didn't think of killing her.

Colby and Jason: The first book "Taste the Heat" was about this couple. Colby is Cane's sister and Jason is his best friend.

Emma: Cane's goddaughter and Jason's daughter from his first marriage. She was the "cupid" who helped bringing Colby and Jason together and she likes Angelle too.

Troy and Eva: Troy is Angelle's brother and Eva is his wife. He is the one Cane had to win over with some difficulty because he was team-Brady.

Sadie: Angelle's goddaughter and Troys and Eva's daughter who also fell for Cane and helped smooth out things for him with her father. A cute and naughty child.

Lacey: Angelle's cousin/friend/confidante

Brady: The good doctor, Angelle's ex-boyfriend who proposed to her in public got rejected but still holding hope that she will return to him.
Angelle Prejean has a huge family including other siblings and cousins but I only selected the ones who played somewhat prominent role in the book.