Monday, September 09, 2013

Fairy Tales

Fairy tales have always been popular genre among children and teenagers but adults enjoy these books just as much. In recent years there have been a vast array of books based on or inspired by famous fairy tales including Cinderella, sleeping beauty, beauty and the beast, snow white etc.
Fairy tales are short stories which have magical happenings or magical creatures in them but the books which are extremely happy are also put into this genre i.e. books which have "fairy tale ending" or "fairy tale romance". Books which are about magical beings such as fairies, genomes, ogres, giants, mermaids, witches, trolls, elves etc are also included in fairy tales.

Fairy tales are not like legends or epics because they don't usually have references to religions, actual places or actual people. They are farfetched stories which can never be true. Their history shows that these stories have existed since thousands of years and it is very difficult to trace their origin. Different cultures have their own set of fairy tales based on their values and cultural preferences. In present era though dark fairy tales have also become all the rage.

There are a lot of movies being made as well which are based on fairy tales or re-telling of them. Nonetheless, these are the books which everyone can enjoy regardless of their age. The morals these books teach us is especially good for all of us. They show us how evil never wins and truth always prevails. Many novels and long stories based on fairy tales are also worth reading.

You can check out some of the wonderful stories based on fairy tales using the below links: