Monday, August 12, 2013

Thriller, Mystrey & Crime Fiction

Not my favourite genre to be sure but I do enjoy a little mystery and some thrill now and then.
Crime fiction is all about crimes, criminals and it fictionalises the motives behind these crimes and their outcomes. The sub-genres include detective fiction, spy fiction, court room drama, legal thrillers, psychological suspense etc. Detective fiction used to be my favourite at one time. I still remember reading Nancy Grew and Hardy Boys series with gusto.
Legal thrillers usually include situations where lawyers get involved in proving their cases and hence major characters are lawyers and their employs. There are a number of films as well which are based on legal thrillers. The suspense and the thrill of chasing the criminals can very well be addictive.
I have a love-hate relationship with psychological suspense. The mystery surrounding the characters always intrigue me and with these kinds of books each chapter is a surprise, you can never gauge the actions and reactions of the main characters, and I absolutely love that but the unstable emotional and mental state of the characters makes it difficult to like them completely and most of the time endings leave something to be desired in which I kind of hate.
Thrillers, mysteries and crime fiction are very much inter-related. It is hard to distinguish between them and hence I have put them under the same heading. There is always some mystery in crime novels as well as thrill. similarly mysteries are often based on situations where some crime has been or being committed. Same goes for thrillers which may include crimes, mystery or both. In fact I like the books which have all these ingredients because that just makes them more enjoyable.