Thursday, August 15, 2013

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is not something I enjoy. These books are my least favourite and its very rare for me to read any science fiction. These are the books which are based on imaginative scientific technology, space travel etc. some might confuse it with fantasy but this genre differs from fantasy on the basis that here the possibilities of the existence of parallel universes, space travel or paranormal abilities etc are rationalized according to scientific rules either known to us or postulated by the author.
There are various sub-genres included within the heading of sci-fi. Time travel is one example, where with the help of "time machines" or some other scientifically explained method traveling back or forth in time is shown to be possible. Similarly, alternative historic books are also included in science fiction. Superhuman, military, science fiction and space opera are some other examples. These books can also be horror or mystery and so on.
Some popular authors of science fiction are A.G. Riddle, Jasper T. Scott, Hugh Howey, Orson Scott Card and Margaret Atwood.