Friday, August 16, 2013

Horror Fiction

Sometimes being scared can be fun. Horror Fiction has the capacity to frighten people or at least it is intended to do so. As for me, truthfully? I have never been scared by a book but still enjoy reading horror novels now and then. They can be very entertaining especially when certain amount of suspense and intrigue is involved but they are not meant for the faint of heart.
Just like any other genre it can be divided in many sub-genres like fantasy horror, supernatural or paranormal horror books, gothic horror and so on. There are also science fiction/horror books available but personally I don't like them much. I think that if you can explain everything via scientific postulations then what is the point of it being horror, therefore, supernatural horror is my preferred genre. I believe that it is more frightening and creates an atmosphere of fear if you cannot explain rationally the things happening around you. One of my all time favourite authors is R. L. Stine. His books never fails to make me crave for more. Fear Street Saga series is still my favourite horror books' series. Stephen King is another famous horror fiction writer.
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