Thursday, August 08, 2013

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction, as the name suggests, are stories set in the past. Mostly the books set in pre-World War II eras are included in this genre. There are books about ancient times, medieval era, Renaissance, English Civil war, French revolution, American history and so on. Although stories are fiction but the time in which they are set is based on facts. These kinds of books are not only entertaining but can be very informative about the historical facts. I am a personal fan of books written in early medieval era. It is interesting to know how people survived without all the gadgets of modern world available to them. I especially enjoy it when the book involves time travel. Sometimes I wonder how it would be to go back in history and experience it but then I realise that it might not be fun for us as we are used to comforts of life which were alien in those times ;)
My favourite historical romance authors are Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Anna Campbell, Lynsay Sands and Medellin Hunter. Of course there are many other authors as well who write exceptional historical fictions but I really avoid books which are based on wars or in any way related to pre or post was situations. They always make me sad but for those people who do not share my feelings on the subject may find this link helpful