Review: Cocky Biker (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta #2) by Faleena Hopkins

Cocky Biker by Faleena Hopkins


My father is Congressman Michael Cocker. He f*cking hates that I live outside the law. 
I'm Jett. I don't care that I come from old money. The Ciphers MC - They're my chosen family. 
We are servants ONLY to our code, our mission. We live it. Breathe it. Search for it. 
The same force that drives storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, propels us. 
Like them we arrive without warning and level sh*t, to erect something superior. 
A loner, I never expected on the most dangerous of our missions to meet an irresistible feral cat. 
I nicknamed the kitty, Sunshine, and she is anything but. 
My name is Luna, not Sunshine. I am darkness. 
Only one thing matters to me...killing the man who murdered my mother when I was ten. 
I don't have time for Grey Eyes - a f*cking biker named Jett Cocker. 
No matter how ridiculously hot he is, or how skilled at playing my emotions like a violin. 
My WHOLE LIFE I've been gearing up for this. I've finally found the murderer. Now. Is. My. Moment. 
So why am I wasting time with Grey Eyes in this motel room...why is he making me forget my pain? 


This is an interesting read. I enjoyed it a lot. Story touches the sensitive issue of human trafficking and yet it's written in a way that isn't too serious. Author has done justice to her characters as well as the plot.
Luna is on a mission. She must complete what she started a long time ago. This is her chance to avenge her mother and herself. She has no time for distractions. Or cocky biker, who thinks he is God's gift to women.
Jett can't help but feeling attracted to this feisty woman he saw at a diner. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind. He wanted her so he followed... but he isn't the kind of person who doesn't respect women.
So when the circumstances bring them together once again, he is reluctant to give up easily. She loves him, he knows that but he must convince her that he is worth it.
Together they are destined to save lives. As long as they're with each other they'll be happy.
The story is quite romantic. It has a dark side to it but mostly it's fun to read. I think anyone who loves bikers, romance, and strong female characters will love this book.

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