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The Finding (Law of the Lycans #3) by Nicky Charles

"Description" She discovered a dark secret, witnessed a murder and fled into the night fearing for her life. Three years later, Cassie is still hiding from her past, haunted by a dream lover and fighting to control a terrifying beast that seems to grow stronger each day. When Bryan, pack Beta, appears to claim her, Cassie is forced to face the truth of her existence. Innocence, betrayal, greed and love collide with ancient werewolf laws in... The Finding. Third book in The Law of the Lycans series by Nicky Charles.
"Review" This is the third book in the series and I must say it wasn't as good as the previous books. Some of the scenes were dragged in an irritating way and I believe it was a little too long. Plot was excellent though, with a lot of drama, mystery and thrill. I especially loved the ending. Cassie was an heiress who fled and went into hiding because she saw a wolf murdering someone and she thought that now the wolves were after her now. The werewolves …

The Perfect Mentor (Pir-e-Kamil) by Umera Ahmed

What is next to ecstasy?’ ‘Pain.’ ‘And what is next to pain?’ ‘Nothingness.’ ‘What is next to nothingness?’ ‘Hell! The place which has nothing ahead...... everything is left behind...... There’ll come a time when all this will make sense to you...... and you’ll never ask anyone what is next to ecstasy.’ Pir-e-Kamil has a message for everyone.... there comes a moment in life when one has to decide between light and darkness.. Even in light one needs to tread carefully because once in the darkness it makes no difference whether one can or cannot see. But sometimes there is a second chance, one may repent and trace back his steps to light. At this point the only solace is the voice that guides and leads to light, the voice of The Perfect Mentor. "Review" A superbly written novel which describes a journey of two people from darkness to light. It tells us what happens when someone is enlightened and how he will for a moment be blinded by it but if he is brave…